Truly Unique

The KINNIE brand first came into being in the summer of 1952 on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

KINNIE is a special bitter sweet soft drink made from a secret extract of Mediterranean bitter oranges and aromatic herbs. KINNIE was created by Malta’s longest established beverage company, Simonds Farsons Cisk, known simply as “Farsons”. In addition to Malta, KINNIE is also produced in Australia under licence from Simonds Farsons Cisk by Maltese Beverages Pty.

KINNIE has been successfully produced in Australia, in association with Maltese Beverages Pty, for several years and is sold in cafes, delis, convenience stores, IGAs, mini-markets and independent supermarkets in most states. Australians love their “Bitters” and KINNIE’s bitter-sweet taste has hit the mark by appealing to a cross section of Australians.

KINNIE is produced Down Under to the same original 1952 secret recipe and is packaged in smart 330ml glass bottles, sold singly or in packs of twelve. In response to growing demand across Australia, a number of Kinnie variants were introduced including “KINNIE LIGHT”, a sugar free version and KINNIE ZEST”, a stronger orange flavoured edition of Kinnie with a zesty twist and zero sugar.


Refreshingly Different

KINNIE is an authentic Mediterranean Bitter that was first made in 1950s in Malta by Simonds Farsons Cisk and was the brainchild of Chev. Anthony Miceli Farrugia, the company’s former Chairman. KINNIE’s lightly sparkling nature and unique bitter sweet taste distinguishes itself from most other soft drinks by its refined flavour and delicate aromatic scent.

Extracted from a blend aromatic herbs and bitter-sweet Mediterranean oranges, KINNIE offers people a refreshingly different non-alcoholic drink. KINNIE can be enjoyed straight (preferably with some ice) but may be mixed with a wide variety of spirits including vodka and whiskey, creating some exceptional long drinks and cocktails. KINNIE also goes well with food and can be enjoyed before, during and after meals.

Since KINNIE was first enjoyed in 1952 it has acquired an iconic status in Malta and is widely considered to be “Malta’s national soft drink” with followers the world over.


Rooted in Tradition

Historically, the use of herbs and spices in food and drink in the Mediterranean goes back thousands of years. Indeed, some of the earliest known beverages infused with herbs originated along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.KINNIE epitomizes this ancient tradition since it is created from an infusion of a dozen herbs and spices grown in and around the Mediterranean.

KINNIE was the brainchild of former chairman Chev. Anthony Miceli Farrugia and was created in 1952 as an alternative to the many colas that proliferated post-war Europe. When first launched in Malta in 1952, KINNIE was presented to consumers as a sort of “Maltese Chinotto”, because this was its nearest equivalent in terms of taste, but in actual fact, KINNIE is quite different from the traditional Italian Chinotto for a number of reasons. Indeed, KINNIE’s taste is more subtle and complex, while the infusion of herbs found in KINNIE give it an aroma and amber colour that is markedly different from any chinotto.

KINNIE’s origins are unquestionably Mediterranean and deeply rooted in tradition. The KINNIE produced in Malta and Australia has remained faithful to the original secret recipe using the same formulation and ingredients as those used when KINNIE was first created in the early1950s. Fortunately some things never change and KINNIE is one of them.


A great mixer

Kinnie is also a fine mixer, bringing to life a range of fantastic cocktails. Ice-cold Kinnie is delicious straight with a twist of orange but its bitter sweet taste lends itself well to mixing and enhances most alcoholic drinks. Kinnie as a mixer goes well with practically every spirit, including vodka, rum and whiskey. Kinnie & Vodka is a particularly popular combination. Simply pour a measure of vodka over ice in a highball glass. Stir, adding Kinnie to taste and dress with a slice of orange.

For those wanting those wanting something more sophisticated, try the ever-popular “Kinnie Kiss” by blending Kinnie with some sparkling white wine like Prosecco. Take a long drink glass or goblet, put in some ice, fill halfway with Prosecco and top up the glass with Kinnie. Additionally you can add some soda or sparkling water for that extra fizz.

For something truly Mediterranean, try Kinnie with Campari. Pour one measure of Campari and half measure of orange juice into an ice tumbler half full of Kinnie. Stir and garnish with a slice of lemon or orange. The list of cocktail possibilities is endless, and since Kinnie is such a versatile mixer, that you can easily create your own “Kinnie cocktail” or long drink for your enjoyment at any time of the day or night.

Good with food

KINNIE and food go hand in hand. KINNIE is an excellent thirst-quencher, but when enjoyed with food, the herbally infused scent and bitter-sweet taste of KINNIE tends to enhance the flavour of food and improves the overall dining experience.

As food accompaniment, KINNIE is extremely versatile. It is suitable as an aperitif to accompany savoury appetizers including traditional Maltese snacks like “pastizzi” but it is also great with meals. KINNIE is an especially fine pairing with most Mediterranean, Maltese, Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes, ranging from pasta to noodles, and anything in between.

KINNIE’s herbal and citrus ingredients combined with KINNIE’s lower sugar content, allows diners to enjoy their meals without reducing their appetite. On the contrary, KINNIE’s herbal ingredients have been said to improve both appetite and digestion. In short, food tastes even better with KINNIE.

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